All tenant moves need to be scheduled with the Property Management Office prior to their occurrence. Please be aware that the tenant is responsible for moving all supplies, furniture, fixtures, and personal property into, within, and out of the building. It is recommended that a copy of these procedures be given to the moving company prior to the scheduled move date.

The freight elevator is available for use by all tenants, subject to prior reservation and scheduling with the Property Management Office (See Freight Elevator Section). As a courtesy to all tenants and to maintain the professional ambiance of the lobby, no equipment, materials, furniture, packages, supplies and other property is to be received via the passenger elevators.

Please adhere to the following Move-In/Move-Out guidelines:

  1. Move-In/Move-out must take place after 6:00 p.m. and before 8:00 a.m. on business days, weekends, or holidays, and only with the prior consent of the Property Management Office. These hours will be considered after-hours or overtime operation.
  2. There is a minimum charge for overtime service: Four (4) hours for a freight elevator attendant and four (4) hours for a security officer, if required. Overtime rates may be obtained by calling the Property Management Office. Please note that 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. If sufficient notice is not received, all minimum charges will apply.
  3. Passenger elevators are for transporting passengers only.
  4. Movers must use dollies with rubber wheels.
  5. Tenants and their movers must be certain that objects which exceed load per square foot limits not be placed on any floor without proper, Landlord approved reinforcement and support systems. Contact the Property Management Office if you have questions on load factors.
  6. The moving company must establish a firm arrival time with the Property Management Office and provide the name and phone number of a contact person knowledgeable about the move.
  7. Employees of the moving company will not be permitted access to any part of the Building other than the determined "moving route."
  8. During any Move-In/Move-Out activity, the tenant and its agents should take care not to damage the freight elevator, any walls, doors, flooring, etc. The moving company must provide and install protective covering on walls, door facings, elevator cabs, and other areas along the moving route. Any damage to public areas will be repaired by the Property Management Office. The cost of such repair will be billed to the tenant.
  9. Clean Masonite sections are required as runners on all finished floor areas where heavy furniture or equipment is being moved with wheel or skid type dollies. Masonite sections should be at least 1/4" thick. 4' X 8' sheets are required in the lobby area and corridors; 32" sheets are required in suite doorways.
  10. Repair costs for any damage to the Building or its fixtures caused by the move are the responsibility of the tenant.
  11. Following a Move-In, the tenant may request additional clean-up services. This additional service includes cleaning furniture, breaking down boxes, removing all trash, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning walls and spot cleaning carpets. All such requests should be forwarded in writing to the Property Management Office. Tenants will be billed the hourly rate for such services following completion of all work.
  12. All moving companies must submit an insurance certificate prior to the start of any move. For information regarding coverage requirements, certificate holders, and additional insureds, please contact the Property Management Office.

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