Property management is committed to providing quality office and retail space managed with professionalism. Tenants' help in meeting these standards is greatly appreciated. The following rules help protect tenants, their associates and guests; they are intended only as a general overview. The Landlord reserves the right to rescind any of these regulations and make further rules as needed.

  1. The sidewalks, halls, passages, elevators, stairways, and other common areas shall not be obstructed or used for storage or for any purpose other than for ingress and egress from the Premises. The halls, passages, entrances, elevators, stairways, balconies and roof are not for use of the general public and the Landlord shall in all cases retain the right to control or prevent access to those areas of all persons whose presence, in the judgment of the Landlord, shall be prejudicial to the safety, character, reputation and interests of the Building and its tenants. Nothing contained in the lease shall be construed to prevent access to persons with whom the tenant normally deals only for the purpose of conducting its business on the Premises (such as clients, tenants, office suppliers and equipment vendors and the like) unless those persons are engaged in illegal activities. Neither tenant nor any employees or contractor of Tenant shall go upon the roof of the Building without the prior written consent of the landlord.
  2. Keep exit doors and access to exits clear at all times. Do not block corridors, elevators, stairwells, or other public places, or use such areas for purposes other than traveling to or from your office. The storage of freight, merchandise, displays or showcases in the Building's common areas is prohibited.
  3. The toilet rooms shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed, and no foreign substance of any kind shall be thrown in those facilities, and the expense of any breakage, stoppage or damage resulting from the violation of this rule shall be borne by tenant.
  4. Use plumbing fixtures only for their intended purposes. Depositing coffee grounds, sweepings, rubbish, rags, acids, or other substances in sinks, toilets, or other plumbing fixtures can result in mechanical damage and consequent repair charges to the tenant.
  5. No sign, advertisement or notice visible from the exterior of the Premises shall be inscribed, painted, or affixed by a Tenant on any part of the Building or the Premises without the prior written consent of Landlord. If landlord has given consent at any time, whether before or after the execution of the lease, that consent shall be deemed to relate only to the particular sign, advertisement, or notice so consented by landlord and shall not be construed as dispensing with the necessity of obtaining the specific written consent of landlord with respect to any subsequent sign, advertisement or notice. If landlord, by a notice in writing to tenant shall object to any curtain, blind, tinting, shade or screen attached to, hung in, or used in connection with, any window or door of the Premises, the use of that curtain, blind, tinting, shade or screen shall be immediately discontinued by tenant. No awnings shall be permitted on any part of the Premises.
  6. Tenant shall not do or permit to be done in the premises, or place items in the premises, which in any way increase the fire insurance on the building or on property kept in the building. Tenant shall not obstruct or interfere with the rights of any tenants, in any way injure or annoy them, or conflict with the regulations of the Fire Department, fire laws, or any insurance policy on the building, its contents, or with any rules and ordinances established by the Board of Health or other governmental authority.
  7. No safes, computers, or other objects larger or heavier than that which can be placed in the elevators of the Building shall be brought into or installed in the Premises. Landlord shall have the right to prescribe and approve the weight and position of safes, computers or other large or heavy objects which shall, if deemed necessary by landlord, placed on some type of applicable platform prescribed by landlord to distribute the weight. The moving of safes, computers or large or heavy objects shall occur only between designated hours and only upon previous written notice to landlord. The person employed to move those objects in or out of the building must be acceptable to landlord. No freight, furniture or bulky matter of any description shall be received into or moved out of the lobby of the Building or carried into the Elevators during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) unless approved in writing by Landlord.
  8. Landlord shall clean the premises as provided in the lease, and except with the written consent of Landlord, no person or persons other than those approved by landlord will be permitted to enter the Building for that purpose.
  9. No cooking shall be done or permitted by tenant on the premises, except pursuant to the normal use of a microwave oven and coffee maker for the benefit of tenant's employees and invitee's, nor shall the Premises be used for the storage of merchandise or lodging,
  10. Tenant shall not use or keep in the building any kerosene, gasoline, flammable fluid, or any other illuminating material, or use any method of heating other than supplied by landlord.
  11. All telecom connections shall be approved by landlord.
  12. Upon the termination of its tenancy, tenant shall deliver to landlord all the keys to the offices, rooms and toilet rooms and all access cards which shall have been furnished to tenant or which tenant shall have made. In the event of the loss of any keys or cards so furnished, tenant shall pay landlord for those items.
  13. On Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, and other days between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., access to the Building, or to the halls, corridors, elevators and stairways in the Building or to the Premises, may be refused unless the person seeking access complies with any access control system that landlord may establish. Landlord shall in no case be liable for damages for the admission to or exclusion from the Building of any person whom landlord has the right to exclude. In case of invasion, mob riot, public excitement, or other commotion, or in the event of any other situation reasonably requiring the evacuation of the building, landlord reserves the right at its election and without liability to tenant to prevent access to the building by closing the doors or otherwise, for the safety of the tenants and protection of property in the building.
  14. Tenant shall not alter any lock or install a new or additional lock or bolt on any door of the premises without the prior written consent of landlord. If landlord gives its consent, tenant shall in each case promptly furnish landlord with a key for any new or altered lock.
  15. Landlord shall have full and absolute authority to regulate or prohibit the entrance to the premises of any vendor, supplier, purveyor, petitioner, or any other similar person. In the event any such person is a guest or invitee or tenant, tenant shall notify landlord in advance of each desired entry, and landlord shall authorize the person so designated to enter the Premises, provided that in the sole and absolute discretionary judgment of landlord, such person will not be involved in general solicitation activities, or the petitioning or disturbance of other tenants or their tenants or invitees, or engaged or likely to engage in conduct which may in landlord's opinion distract from the use of the Premises for its intended purpose.
  16. Tenants shall not overload the safe capacity of the electrical wiring of the building or exceed the capacity of the feeders to the Building or electrical riser.
  17. No noise audible from the hallways or adjoining offices/suites by musical instruments, radios, televisions, group activities, equipment or other sources will be permitted.
  18. The storage of flammable fluids or any combustible, explosive, or chemical substance within tenant suites is prohibited.
  19. Animals are strictly prohibited in the building. Exceptions shall be made for service dogs for disabled persons.
  20. The landlord is not and will not be held responsible for lost or stolen personal or real property from tenants' leased space or the building's public areas, whether or not such areas are locked.
  21. Tenants shall cooperate and participate in all building recycling programs established by the landlord.

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