The Building security staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Surveillance and command operations are centralized in the lobby at the security desk. Specially trained security personnel monitor elevator activities and life-safety systems. The security staff also maintains two-way radio communication with other Building personnel (e.g., engineering, Property Management Office, janitorial, etc.).

The security staff is also responsible for enforcing the Building's After-Hours Access and Package Removal procedures.

Please report all thefts, break-ins, vandalism or emergency situations that may occur in your suite to the New York City Police Department by dialing 911. The NYPD will respond immediately to all calls. After notifying the NYPD, please contact the Property Management Office at (212) 759-9200.

Please report all activity that appears suspicious or unusual to security or to the Property Management Office. In emergency situations, calls should be directed to the police department prior to calling the Property Management Office. Please do not assume that someone else has reported the problem.

While after-hours access can be granted to any floor, the security staff is not authorized to unlock individual Tenant offices without proper written authorization, from an authorized Tenant Representative.