All tenants must electronically sign-in at the lobby by placing their Building ID Badge against a card reader, located on the side of the lobby desk, before entering the bank of passenger elevators. All tenants are required to have a building-issued picture identification card to gain access to the Building. Those who do not possess this identification or have forgotten their access cards will be required to follow Visitor Access procedures. The Building will issue the first identification card to each employee for $35.00 (plus tax). A replacement fee of $18.00 (plus tax) will be charged for any lost cards.

It is the responsibility of the Tenant to recover ID cards from terminated employees. A notification of termination should be forwarded to the Building via email to assist with access control.



All visitors must register at the security desk and will be announced to the tenant via a phone call. Upon verbal authorization, the visitor will be issued a daily "Visitor's Badge" which will allow the visitor access for the day. Visitors will be required to present a government-issued picture ID

Tenants can preregister visitors in PassagePoint with the options to have security "Call to Confirm Access," or "Send to Office; No Call." Visitors will check in with security and present a government-issued picture ID If the visitors photo ID matches the entry in PassagePoint, security will follow the selected instructions. Please visit to access PassagePoint.


Persons requesting access to the Building outside of the standard hours of operation will need access cards (See Access Card Request Procedures and Access Card Request Forms). Access to the Building is permitted via the Park Avenue entrance. All persons entering and exiting the Building outside of normal business hours will need to use their access cards. If an individual has forgotten their card, Security Personnel will check his/her access card status. Upon presenting proof of identity, access will be granted. If the individual has not been issued a valid access card, one of the individuals on the Tenant's authorization list will be telephoned to obtain e-mailed access approval. Upon receipt of approval, access will be granted after manual sign-in. They will not be given access to the tenant's premises.

After-hours visitors must be escorted by the tenant being visited. Security will call the tenant so that they can come to the Lobby to meet and sign in the visitor. Visitors must be escorted by a tenant at all times while in the Building. Property management requests that tenants inform the Building in advance of all after-hours visitors whenever possible.