In compliance with New York City Commercial Recycling Laws, Hines, the building management company for 499 Park Avenue has provided recycling guidelines to all tenants.


Never mix trash with recycling. The key requirement of the program is to separate all mixed-paper, cardboard, glass, metals, plastics, and cartons from trash (non-recyclable waste) such as food scraps, coffee cups with liquid, soiled take-out containers, Styrofoam and plastic wrap.

Mixed Paper -- Each desk should have only one bin. This bin (regardless of color) is to be used for mixed paper. Mixed paper includes all types of paper: white office paper, colored paper, envelopes - with or without plastic windows - file folders, post-it notes, binder dividers, manila envelopes, magazines, catalogues, newspapers, clean paper bags and paper plates, packaging paper, soft cover books, and smooth cardboard boxes. Paper may also be placed for collection in centrally located paper-only bins in copy rooms, near printers and/or in mail rooms.

Glass, Metal, Plastic and Cartons (GMP) -- These materials should be placed together in designated GMP receptacles, typically located in pantry areas. Employees are encouraged to empty and rinse containers before placing in receptacles.

Trash (Non-Recyclable Waste) -- Any other non-recyclable materials including, but not limited to, Styrofoam, food packaging and food scraps, and plastic wrap are to be placed in centrally located, designated trash receptacles.

Corrugated Cardboard -- Cardboard boxes should be emptied, flattened and placed in designated areas for removal.

E-Waste, Universal Waste, Bulk Waste -- By law these items must be properly handled. Property Management can assist you in arranging safe storage and removal of these items. Additional charges are subject to apply. Contact Property Management to obtain pricing.

ALL BINS are to be designated with material-specific labels (page B-12, B-13, and B-14), which can be found at or purchased at The Recycling Program Guidelines must be clearly posted in common areas where the central waste station or the 3-bin set up is located. Co-Collection Signage must be clearly posted by the freight elevator as this is part of the waste staging areas.

The building's cleaning staff is required only to maintain tenant separation efforts, and will not perform any sorting of materials improperly commingled in any bin. The cleaning staff will be in charge of providing the correct colored bag for the labeled bins.

The Department of Sanitation will issue Tenants violations for non-compliance to the Commercial Business Recycling Rules. Tenants are directly responsible for all non- compliance violations, fines, and corrective measures.

Thank you for recycling!