Forms & Important Documents

  • Authorization Form: For mutual protection, it is requested that each tenant list on this form all representatives/employees who are authorized to sign for additional services, concerns, and, in general, act on the tenant’s behalf.
  • Access Card Request Form: Use this form to request access cards. Also use this form if an access card is lost or stolen, or if an employee leaves your firm. Please type or print all information. Attach as many sheets as required and return the requests to the property management office.
  • Removal Pass: This authorization form, when signed by an authorized tenant representative, entitles the bearer to remove items such as computers, printers, calculators, packages, etc., from the building. This form should be surrendered to the security officer at the lobby desk at the time of exit.
  • Bomb Threat Checklist: In the event of a telephoned bomb threat, use this form to make note of the conversation and help gain information about the caller that may be useful in identifying the individual.
  • Physically Disabled Persons Roster: Keeping this roster current by identifying permanently or temporarily disabled individuals will help ensure that everyone who needs assistance in evacuating will receive it.
  • Building Access Request Form
  • Construction Access Request Form
  • Tenant Insurance Requirements
  • Certificate of Insurance Requirements for Vendors & Contractors